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July Newsletter 2021:
Our goal as clinicians is to optimize healing, minimize pain, and avoid complications and failures.  With the advent of autologous blood products that promote enhanced healing we get closer to achieving our goals by utilizing Platelet rich plasma (PRP) or Platelet rich fibrin (PRF).

June Newsletter 2021:
While mandible fracture after third molar extraction is considered a rare complication, it is a rather significant one and early diagnosis is necessary to facilitate adequate management and treatment.  

May Newsletter 2021:
At SOMS we keep a library of business and leadership books for our team members. We just added an inspiring book to it. The author is Simon Sinek and he is well known in the business/leadership industry. 

April Newsletter 2021:
When should I have my wisdom teeth removed? A common question! The following information is aimed at helping patients and dentists distinguish the proper timing for the removal of wisdom teeth. 

March Newsletter 2021:
Coronectomy avoids inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) injury by ensuring retention of the vital roots when they are close to the canal. The coronectomy technique aims to remove only the crown of an impacted mandibular third molar while leaving the root undisturbed, thereby avoiding direct or indirect damage to the IAN.  

February Newsletter 2021:
There is a lot of research regarding Zirconia as a material. This is true for dentistry as well as medicine (mostly orthopedics). We know that the material itself is stronger and more corrosion resistant than titanium. However, current research in Zirconia as a dental implant material is limited.

January Newsletter 2021:
A castable abutment, also known as the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) abutment, is a prefabricated component used to make a custom abutment for a cement-retained or screw-retained prosthesis. Some of our colleagues mentioned the lack a castable solution or the BLX system. Well, we have good news!  Straumann recently released a castable abutment for the BLX system RB/WB and WB platforms.  

December Newsletter 2020: 
The diagnosis termed Oral Ulceration with Bone Sequestration (OUBS) has been used variably by authors and practitioners to characterize oral ulceration and bone sequestration with or without an etiologic cause.  OUBS most commonly occurs at the mylohyoid ridge, mandibular tori, palatal tori, and mandibular buccal exostosis.

November Newsletter 2020: 
As a Dental Health Care Professional, you are always taking care of others before yourself. It is important not to forget to take time to maintain, and keep your eyes healthy. Be sure to schedule your annual preventative eye exam to maintain your overall health.

October Newsletter 2020:
Surgical Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea has become more prevalent in our society in the last few decades. It is important to understand the difference between Obstructive vs Central sleep apnea.

September Newsletter 2020:
Oftentimes patients contact us after hours requesting an urgent medication. With 24 hour pharmacies available on a limited basis in the Portland metropolitan area, do you know where to call? Please find a list below and a link to the RxList website for additional resources. 

August Newsletter 2020:
Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior Region: When to Proceed, When Not to Proceed. The primary goal of immediate implant placement in the anterior region is to achieve optimal dentogingival esthetics.  While patients and clinicians are attracted to immediate implant placement, careful case selection is critical in determining which cases are favorable to obtain a successful result. 

July Newsletter 2020: 
With the vast effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the roller coaster of changing America over the past several months, there are more and more people that find themselves depressed, angry, stressed, unhealthy, overweight, or all the above. It is Gandhi that said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Did he mean mental health as well?

June Newsletter 2020: 
“Healthcare workers in all fields have reported difficulties sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Resources are available to help dentists determine when and how to extend the use of N95 masks/respirators while maintaining appropriate infection control.”
-American Dental Association

May Newsletter 2020:
Do you know the difference between an ASTM Level 1 and Level 3 mask?  We want to share some helpful information on each type of mask, as well as who should be wearing them.

April Newsletter 2020:
Welcome to the monthly publication of SOMS Clinical Pearls Newsletter. In this issue we are focused on COVID-19 and ways to keep you and your team safe. We look forward to sharing future publications of topics we value and hope to see you all very soon!